Making Informed Design Decisions Talk

Big Design Conference, 2017

My Motivation

I firmly believe that UX practitioners must possess a strong head for business, in addition to expertise in user-centered design, to create successful products.

Rules of thumb on my team are:

  • User problems must be aligned to business goals
  • Work must to be prioritized based on effort and largest impact.
  • All design decisions must be informed by data and measured.

Too often I hear excuses like, “there’s no time to collect data,” or “we don’t have any data.” Like everything else in our industry, you just need to be creative. Sharing a “how to” case study seemed like the best way to help designers and organizations get past the excuses and make good design / business decisions.


Does your “customer-centric” organization all but ignore the feedback that matters most? Does the pressure to get to market faster, outmaneuver competition, appease executive management bury the potential to deliver a great user experience?

Here I share a step-by-step approach for giving customers their rightful seat at the table. I’ll help you spot logical entry points for collecting and measuring compelling user data, then guide you on positioning your analysis to tell a story that influences design decisions critical to business improvement.

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