Howdy, I’m Mike.
Researcher, Strategist & Design Leader.
Maker of stuff for 20+ years.

Currently I’m working in the financial sector focused on making it easier and faster for banking customer to pay bills, transfer their money, and protect themselves from frauds and scams.

Fun Fact #1
I cut my teeth at agency.com in New York City back in ’96. I made more money moonlighting as an illustrator in that first year than I did as a salaried employee.

FF #2
I’m a Colorado native, but have lived the majority of my life on the east coast (Philly, NYC, Jersey). “Smelly” Greeley is my hometown. Probably why I have Colorado sensibilities coupled with NYC grit. 

FF #3
I spent my teens hanging around Washington Square Park, CBGBs, and the LES. I was fortunate enough to see Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law, Token Entry, Sheer Terror, American Standard, Turning Point, Bold, Fugazi, etc. perform live during that time.

FF #4
I dream of moving to Montana and opening an Irish Pub.

FF #5
We have a tradition of naming our pets after people in the arts. Currently we have a dog named Banksy, and a cat named, Maggie (short for Margaret Wise Brown).

FF #6
I use the phrases; “Silly Goose,” “Wonky,” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” and “Holy Moly” more than I probably should.

FF #7
I like making things. I like people who make things. From my portfolio, you’ve likely noticed that I also like to work lean.

FF #8
I treat everything I work on as an experiment. There is no “right” or ” wrong,” rather it’s, “Oops, that didn’t work, try something else” and “Oh, cool, that worked!” I encourage everyone I work with to treat their work in same manner.

FF #9
My portfolio illustrates examples of the work I’m the most proud of, it may not be my most successful work.

See some of the things I’ve made…

Mike Parker, UX Product Strategist and Leader