Education Pilot

McGraw-Hill Personalized Learning Education Pilot

My Role

Our small consulting team helped McGraw-Hill bring a personalized learning web application to market. My contributions included user research, strategy, and experience design.


  • Design an MVP intelligent teaching experience targeted to middle school math teachers and their students.
  • Clearly represent learning path of students (skills, dates, successes / failures, and modalities)
  • Create critical dashboard for teachers to monitor student daily activity / assignments
  • Create dashboard for students to monitor their own progress (provide encouragement)


McGraw-Hill Process

Research & Ideation

We began by interviewing teachers, content experts, and education psychologists to gain a deep understanding of learning structures, assessment strategies, learning modalities, etc.  

We then co-designed several approaches to representing a math skill learning path with our experts.

Exploration Sketches

Learning Path Sketch

Validation & Refinement – Learning Path Wireframes

We refined the Learning Path over the course of several workshop iterations with our content experts. We then went back out to the teachers who would receive the pilot application and spoke to them about the solution and modified based on those conversations.

Learning Path Refined

Validation & Refinement – Student Dashboard Wireframes

We followed the same process for defining and refining the Student’s dashboard.

Student Progress Sketch

Student Progress Sketch

Student Progress Sketch

Student Progress Sketch

Student Dashboard

Validation & Refinement – Teacher Dashboard Wireframes

And finally we defined and refined the Teacher’s dashboard using the same process.

Teacher Class Schedule

Teacher Lesson Review

Teacher View of Student Performance


  • The UX design was skinned and delivered for a summer pilot to 2 middle schools in Indiana.
  • The pilot continued for several years and was refined, but was not ultimately picked up by the Indiana school system.